Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Team Grows

Well, I think I will be busier than Tiger Woods in a singles bar! I now have nine participants that I am mentoring for the summer team, the most mentees I have ever had. Our team has grown steadily, despite not having yet met or trained. We are now up to 27 people: 7 cycle, 7 triathlon, and 13 on the marathon / half marathon team. This means we have gained 8 participants since kick-off three weeks ago. The cycle team is really a combined spring and summer team, but the triathlon and foot-race teams are purely summer. The marathon team has gone from only eight to 13, which is a nice gain. And we could potentially add some more. 11 of the team are headed for San Diego, and the other two of us are doing Seattle. I’d love to add a few more for Seattle in particular. Come on, you know you want to join us!

The first year I did TNT, one of my walk coaches was Lelia, and she was my walk coach a year later when I did San Diego. After an absence of a couple of years, Lelia has joined the team for San Diego. It will be great to have a teammate from the past training with us.

Hopefully, the weather will be OK for this Saturday and we can finally train together. I will probably be training by myself most of the time. The two of us going to Seattle will have a different distance schedule from the 11 people going to San Diego. And then me, as a “runalker”, will have a different pace from the walkers or the runners. It is always more fun when it works out that there are others on the team to train with, but I will adapt to whatever the situation is. At this point, I’m just glad our team has grown, and I can’t wait to meet everyone and get started!


Elayne said...

Art~ I had to choose the answer to your poll "we rarely get snow where I live". However, we have just broken the all time record snowfall in Dallas history. As I go to bed we are at about 8-9 inches since this morning. This does not happen here :) But... I walked 3 times today :)

EllsworthME said...

Art - I so hope you get to start training tomorrow. My old San Fran team is doing a great run tomorrow and my niece starts TNT tomorrow with the No/Va group (for Zooma). What a great organization and cause. Good luck with your training!