Sunday, February 28, 2010

Training Screw-up

Well, nothing's perfect, and yesterday's training surely wasn't. Somehow, the time - place - whatever got miscommunicated, and the only ones to show up were the three coaches and myself. And I didn't know the time, either, but came early. I knew that the Spring Team was gathering at 7:15, so I got there about that time to say hello to those fine folks. Our summer coaches showed up a few minutes later and we waited for the rest of the summer team. And waited. And waited. And then walk coach Betty and I decided to do a couple of laps, walking fast, around the lake. So we did. Then we did a third. And a fourth, with run coach Walter joining us. By that time, Betty and I had covered 1.8 miles and still no one else from the team had come. So we chalked it up to a screw-up of some kind. I did five more miles on the day's training route through Windsor Farms, probably 40% running and 60% running. It was a nice workout, and badly needed!

I snapped a few photos of the spring team, since the summer team was elsewhere. Next Saturday is another day, and hopefully more teammates will be there for training.

Our big snows of four and five weekends ago are distant memories!

Some of the Spring Team starts their training run

Barbara and Mindy, both pretty recent multiple myeloma survivors, clowning around a bit at the start of training. In three weeks, they will not only be cancer survivors, but half-marathoners as well!

Spring is coming - it is still cold, but look at those buds! I, for one, cannot wait!

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Elayne said...

Well, how strange! Can't wait to hear all about the half marathon.