Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Third Donation Hat

As stated previously, I was willing to wear a NFL hat of the donor's choice in return for a $50 donation. I expanded that to include any hat, and my first two donations of this nature had me wearing a colorful but geeky propellor head hat and a Seattle Seahawks hat.

I got a third donation from Suzanne, a former teammate in Arizona who's husband is a lymphoma survivor. She is not a fan of any sports teams but asked me to wear my Team in Training cap at work for a few days. So here I am:

GO TEAM! In just a few months, I will add a fifth pin to this cap, the 13.1 pin for the Seattle Half Marathon! And thanks for the donation and the request, Suzanne. May Warren and you have many more decades together!

1 comment:

TNTcoach Ken said...

Looking good as usual donning your Team cap....