Sunday, February 28, 2010

Message From the Captain #15

Ahoy Mateys! ‘Tis your captain speaking, mentor captain Art, that is! Wow, has it really been 15 weeks since we started this little spring cruise? It does not seem possible, any more than it seems possible that our Spring Team just completed our first event, the Mardi Gras Marathon and Half! Congratulations to our fine Mardi Gras crew. I hope it was a blast.

If any of your mentees did Mardi Gras and are still short of their minimum, it is time to help them make a final push to get funds coming in. At the least, a “hey, I did it!” letter and/or email is in order, stressing that they are short of their goal and could really use the help. If any of their friends told them “I’ll donate later, just remind me,” it is time to let them know that later is now! Another idea – have a victory party to celebrate their achievement. Or have a March Madness party! Wear that hat of a hated rival – like right now, for me, I am not liking Syracuse too much – at that party (for an appropriate donation, of course).

At this point in the season (other than for the new cyclists, Susie), it should be clear who has a good handle on fundraising, and who is struggling. It is time to make sure to offer to help those that are struggling. The next big target would be Shamrock. Anyone doing that race who isn’t at 75% of minimum is at risk of not meeting their minimum and having to pay out of pocket. So it is really important to give these folks a call and try to meet with them one on one, reviewing everything that they have tried, seeing what additional ideas are out there: fundraisers with companies, fundraisers with friends, personal contacts they may have missed. Go back over the on-line TNT Webinar on fundraising and see if that scares up a few more ideas to help them with.

Have any of your mentees been missing a lot of training lately? Even if they are okay with their fundraising, maybe they need some contact from you about how they are doing – just to talk with someone about their experience. Reach out to them, also.

Let me know if I can help with anything. I am mentoring on the summer team, and fundraising myself, but am always willing to pitch in with the spring team of course.


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