Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mr. Propeller Head

So a co-worker took me up on my hat challenge - make a $50 donation and I will wear the hat of your NFL team at work for a week (Dallas Cowboys is $100). He asked if I would consider a non-sporting hat, and I told him, sure, as long as it is in good taste. He told me it would be silly, but I am all for that. So hear it is - I've been wearing this hat at work for the last week. Here I am in my cube at work with it on - anything for the cause!

Here is a close up of the hat. It has a little pig, some multicolored beads, a little blue star at the top, and the all important propeller - perfect for an IT manager geek. It has every color of the rainbow, including purple and green!


SusieQ said...

Anything for the cause, right? :)

Nicki said...

Nice Hat! And I like your bracelets in the picture with the coffee mug! Thanks Art for all that you do!