Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Team Lives Up to Its Name!

After training - most of the time - in cold and dark for months, the Spring Team continues to enjoy spring weather and colors. Today the marathoners did 16 miles, the half-marathoners like me 10 miles. It was cool at the start but after about 30 minutes of running, the temperatures felt very comfortable. The run / walk was a nice route past some of the parks and through the beautiful Windsor Farms neighborhood. At my request, Coach Vicki threw in some really decent hills to prepare us for the Nashville course. And as a bonus, we ran into several of the summer team at the Wall on the way back - always a treat to see Michal and the summer walk crew, which includes two of my mentees who switched to the summer team - Cathy and Kathy.

Here are some photos from the day:

Before training. From left: Vicki, Chuck, Kathy, Kristi, Art, Paul, Nicole, Dave (Nicki is taking the photo)
Running by beautiful cherry trees

The pump house

Nicole and Vicki running up the hill past the pump house

Nicki and Art, both lymphoma survivors, running up the hill past the pump house

Spring bursts forth in this home's gorgeous landscaping

Even Mother Nature had on her purple and green Team in Training colors here...

And here

View of Maymont Park on the way back. We sometimes see elk here.

Approaching Byrd Park, 10 miles behind me today.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Hey, how are you guys running in those short pants and shirts? We were reminded of Spring with wind gust and cold temps, must be close to opening day for baseball!

Racn4acure said...

Yeah, everything is relative. It started out feeling cool - about 40 - in those shorts but you hardy Michigan folk would have thought that was warm.

Nat said...

I am jealous! Looks like you have spring already! Our snow in MN just melted not that long ago. And you are right, it was 47 last night when I went to the store and people were running in t-shirts and riding bikes like it was 75!