Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mentoring e-Mail # 22

What’s purple, moves through the streets of Nashville for great distances on foot, helps to save lives, and kicks butt to Country Music? Answer – you, my fantastic mentees.

Yes, ‘tis I, your Artful mentor once more, as we head down the stretch run. It is amazing to me that two weeks from this Thursday, we head out for Nashville. Saturday is our last long run, and two weeks after that we will all be doing marathons or half-marathons in the country music capital. It is incredible how time has flown by.

I am hoping to make training Saturday. We have a really sick cat and it is day to day with her. So while I will be there if she is OK, I won’t be staying around to see you 20 milers come in. But I will be thinking of you after I do my 13 miles, which seems long enough right now to me.

This is crunch time if you have not hit your fund-raising minimum, and it is time to pull out all the stops. If someone said along the way “Hey, it is great that you are doing this, I’ll donate later” then remind them of this and that later is now. If friends or family offered to help you, remind them that you really need the help now. Send out an update / reminder for funds this week, and have another ready to go for the Monday before the race. If you can do any last minute fund-raisers, bake sales, fund-raising parties – do them! And if you still think you will be short, plan a big blow-out fund-raising celebration party for the weekend after the marathon. Line your friends up for that now.

I am deliberately keeping this short tonight so I don’t muddy the message of doing all you can in the next couple of weeks to get closer to your minimum. You are all working so hard at this and doing a great job, and you are almost at two finish lines – your race and the fundraising finish. So don’t let up now!

Let me know if you have questions or concerns. Questions about the protocol for charge date need to go to Jen, though.

See you soon! GO TEAM!

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