Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Purple Shirt of Honor

Tonight, I added honoree names to my race shirt for Saturday's race in Nashville. These folks, some survivors like me, some not, will be coming along for the ride for 13.1 miles that day. It is my honor to carry them with me, because for me, this is not just a footrace - it is honoring the memory and spirit of those who fought the good fight but lost in the end, and celebrating the victories over cancer of the survivors. If I hit a rough time in the race, if I feel tired, all I need to do is think about my duty to carry these names to the finish line, to not give up - just as they fought as hard as they could.

You can read my complete list of honorees here.


Hopesrising said...

Thanks for sharing Art! I will look forward to hearing about the weekend..Go Team Virgina!

MamacitaRae said...

Good luck this weekend. After finishing several Marathons, i'm sure the half will be nothing but a good time. Bring your camera. I would be mad at myself if i had not taken the picture of the bagpipers @ the Nike in San Francisco. The Santa Cruz CA TNT summer team is gearing up. I'm our honoree captain. Very exciting. I look forward to reading all about your race when you return.


Racn4acure said...

Thanks Kerry. I hope you are doing well.

Thanks Mamacita. I am really looking forward to it. Even a half is plenty tough because I think I will turn it on a little more. But it won't be as tough as 26.2. The camera is packed!

Congratulations on being involved with the summer team, and for being honoree captain. It is a great cause, isn't it? Art

Meaghan said...

Thank you so much for including me on your shirt :) Actually when I am all healed I want to start running maybe even go for a half marathon at some point. Now that the stents are out i have no excuses. I also need to be in tip top shape b/c if i get cancer again I will only have 1 kidney. Maybe you could give me some running advice when I get out of the hospital and am totally recovered :)

TNT Therese said...

I just burst into tears seeing Michael's name there. Thank you.

Racn4acure said...

Therese - It is my great honor to carry Michael's name for 13.1 miles that day. Hope he didn't mind a little sweat. :)

Meaghan - I am honored to wear your name on my shirt. Even as a cancer survivor myself, I cannot imagine all that you have gone through and gone through. It makes my cancer experience seem like a picnic.

As a survivor, it is an incredible feeling each time I cross that finish line. I always think "Wow, a few years ago I was so sick, now I am completing a marathon / half marathon." I always feel so grateful. If you like to run and you do a half marathon, I bet you will feel the same way.

My advice, if you like to run, is to find a local running club training for a shorter race - 10K maybe, or even a local half marathon. They usually have great team support and coaching support. Start slow and watch out for injuries. You are young but even young people can overdo it and get injured. Don't try to do much at first. Build up do it, and check with your doctor and oncologist first. Then see if you find a few friends who like to run and train with them, it makes the miles go by so quickly. Keep me posted - maybe I will meet you at a race sometime. :) Art