Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Go Wildcats!

Well, I have to digress from cancer and training for one post to say GO WILDCATS! For the just third time in my life, my alma mater, Villanova, is in the 'Final Four" and I am plenty excited about it.

For you Tarheels, Jayhawks, Spartans, Bruins, Wildcats - Kentucky and Arizona, Gators, Wolverines, and many other schools, reaching the final four is an every few years occurance, and winning a national championship happens reasonably often. But not for us fans of the Philadelphia "Big Five". This is a very rare event and I intend on enjoying the game with North Carolina, win or lose. Carolina seems to win more championships in 10 years than we have appearances in the Final Four total, so fairness would dictate that Nova would win this game. But fairness can't hit a three pointer or dunk the ball.

So I say "Let's go, Wildcats!" I hope we are still playing come next Monday, against either Michigan State or Connecticut, two schools with like 9 final four appearances and 3 national championships between them over the past decade or so.


Hopesrising said...

Hey Art...I can't wait to see how this plays out. All good schools going to the Final Four.
I"m all for Michigan State...Go Green! Everyone in this house bleeds maze and blue...for Michigan.
I was hoping we could beat Kentucky. Like we did Florida a while back. So I was so happy to see that.
So Should be really interesting.
Hey...good luck!!! :)
Have a good day.

Racn4acure said...

It is so great for the state of Michigan that one of their own is playing in it. Ironically, I had orginially planned on getting in the lottery for tickets last spring but never did.

It should be exciting. Michigan State goes to the Final 4 so often it is probably starting to feel routine for you Spartan fans. :) But for us Villanova fans, it only happens every quarter century or so, so we need to savor it and hopefully get past UNC for one more game. Hey UNC will be back there probably 4 times every 10 years, it may be 2040 before VU is back there! Need to take advantage of the opportunity!

so maybe we will play in the championship game, that would be cool!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Art, good luck on Saturday but not on Monday if the Spartans win. It should be fun this weekend in Detroit.

Sandi said...

Stopped by to tell you I tagged you in a post today. Feel free to do it if you like. :)