Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Go, Seahawks!

So my friend and 2008 Arizona Marathon teammate Rachel made a nice donation to my fundraising, and asked me to wear a Seattle Seahawks hat for a week as part of my hat challenge. She wanted to be sure that she made the donation before any Dallas Cowboys fans, so I would wear the Seahawks hat first. As it turned out, no Dallas fans "cowboyed up" so far.

I take Rachel wanting me to wear this hat as a good sign, since my race is in Seattle. Here I am at work wearing the hat that she sent me.
You can see that she wrote me a nice message on the brim: "To Art - Run like a girl". Oh I will try, Rachel, but most girls are better runners than I, it seems!
Very cool. I am wearing Rachel's hat proudly for a week, and wanted to share it with the world! Thanks, Rachel. I meet the nicest people doing Team in Training, and you are one of them!


Rachel said...

Art - I'm so thrilled you're running in Seattle! You look great in the hat, by the way. Go Seahawks, and GO ART!!


TNTcoach Ken said...

LOL.....Sounds like a running skirt is in order!