Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Need Advice on a Sports Watch

So, now that I’ve committed to the Seattle Half-Marathon, I’m getting back into the start of training with run-walk intervals. I am starting out with two minutes running and three minutes walking. In theory this works great – I look at my watch, run for two minutes, then walk for three. What could be simpler?

But in reality, it is far from simple. For one thing, it is usually dark right now when I am running. So it is hard to see the watch. Or I forget to look and suddenly it is 30 seconds past when I should start running – or a minute and 30 seconds past that time. Or I think it is pointing at 5:22 and it is actually 5:21 or 5:23. Or I am constantly stopping in the dark to try to figure out where the second hand is.

So I am thinking maybe it is time to get a simple sports watch. Anyone want to recommend one? Here are my requirements:

1. Inexpensive – I really don’t want to put a ton of money into this. I need to focus on saving up for a bike.
2. Ability to set at least two intervals by time that will beep audibly when it is time to switch to the other speed. Best case would be different beeps for different intervals, for example it clearly tells me it is time to run as opposed to time to walk
3. Clear to see in the dark, or has an easy to find light.
4. Digital might be best because it is easier to read than analog in the dark
5. Waterproof (and sweat-proof)
6. Saves the intervals so I don’t have to reset it on each workout
7. Any other feature that you think are important?

Any ideas?


Kristi Hope said...

The Garmin 205 isn't a real inexpensive option, but it isn't ridiculous either. I found it for $155 with free shipping on REI.
I don't know that the beeps are different for each interval, but you can set intervals for distance/distance, time/distance, distance/time or time/time. I use my 201 all the time in the dark. After you push the power button to light it up once, every time you push a button it lights up. They were smart enough to realize that you must be in the dark for that day's workout. I would test out the beeps on mine, but unfortunately it's about 5 years old and my beeps have stopped working. I may have dropped it one too many times.

Kristi Hope said...

Sorry to post again, but Amazon.com has it for $142.95 with free shipping.

EllsworthME said...

Art -- I have a timex Ironman digital watch that I think was $30. You can set two intervals if you mean something like walk 3, run 2. It beeps, but doesn't have different beeps and is pretty easy to light up. I think its got most of what you want and is very inexpensive.

SusieQ said...

I also have the Timex Ironman watch - it's great. Cheap, waterproof, lights up etc.
I bought it for under $30 @ Target. I've used mine since 2007 - and it's handled plenty of time in the rain, the pool, the ocean...you get the point. :)

Racn4acure said...

Great suggestions. Thanks, everyone. Art