Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Joining the Summer Team!

Nearly eight years since cancer, I’m here and alive
Despite Hodgkin lymphoma’s grand scheme
And that’s a great motive to do Number Five
To join up, once again, on the TEAM!

Medical science has only some answers
And this is a very good reason
To come back again in the war against cancers
And wear purple for this summer season

But what event will I do, and where will I go?
There are many adventures I’d like
I could pack up my things and go west to Tahoe
And pedal all day on a bike

Or jump in the water to swim for a while
Then ride a bicycle out in the sun,
Lace on my shoes, and race many a mile…
Yes, I could swim, ride a bike, and then run

Or I could race thirteen-one or twenty-six-two
But this time by the bays of Seattle
All these great choices, which one should I do?
In my mind, this will be quite a battle!

Whatever I do and whatever I choose
Even if choosing it gives me some pause
It is patients who win, and cancers that lose,
For I’m doing it for a great cause.

I send updates to all, I know I have said
But there’s an exception to every firm rule
If you’re a teammate of mine in purple or red
Let me know it’s Okay and we’re cool

So if you would like to be kept abreast
Of whatever decision I make
Just send me an email. I’ll give it my best
And you can follow the road that I take

Some time very soon I’ll begin my campaign
As I go out and race for a cure
So come on along while I fundraise and train
And I matter, achieve, and endure!

Woo-Hoo! Looking forward to another great TNT experience. Next step - come up with a fund raising campaign, and of course make a final pick on an event. I have a definite leaning right now.


Elayne said...

yeah Art!!! I will be following along with you as you go for number 5!

Cheryl said...

Way to go are an amazing man......