Friday, January 8, 2010

What Race Will I Do? Here's Your First Clue!

So as noted yesterday, I’m joining the summer team, and I’ve picked my event. But rather than just blurt it out, I will give three clues – one a day for three days – and after evaluating all three clues, you will be able to figure out where I am going.

TNT Richmond is participating in the following events with the summer team:

Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee

America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Lake Tahoe, Nevada / California

I Love the Tavern Sprint Triathlon in Richmond, Virginia

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon and Half Marathon in Seattle, Washington

Fletcher Flyer Century Bike Ride in Fletcher, North Carolina

Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon and Half Marathon in San Diego, California

Here is your first clue: I am doing an event that I have not done before. If you are stumped, scroll down my blog, and on the right hand column you will see photos from my four previous events. You will be able to narrow the list down from six to four possible events.


Meaghan said...

Wow this is GREAT! As you know I started to run, ran two 5ks, but i've been lacking lately. You are so amazing and inspiring! Keep it up and keep us posted!

Racn4acure said...

Thanks Meaghan. It is so cool you have run the five K's as a cancer survivor especially. Thanks for your kind words. I'll keep posting.

EllsworthME said...

I'm guessing from clue #1 its a century ride, and since I trained with the SF TNT Team, I'd say the Tahoe one would be excellent. Good luck regardless. Go TEAM!

Racn4acure said...

Ah Ha! All will be revealed between the second clue today and the third tomorrw. As you know, you can't go wrong with a TNT event! And I agree, the Tahoe Century would be a great event!

Nicki said...

Wow! I didn't know you were planning on buying a "real" bike! Very exciting! Still don't know which one, but it narrowed it down to either Tri or Century for me!