Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ending Well, and Starting Right

Despite my recent sporadic working out, I ended 2009 with a four mile run / walk combination. It was one of the last things I did for the year. And New Years Day, I started off 2010 with a four mile walk. It felt good to end the old year and to start the New Year with exercise.

Now I need to keep that going. Having the two days off from work really helped. Work interferes with working out. But unless I won the lottery New Years night – I need to check that, actually – I will have to keep working, and will need a way to work in working out around work.

I started with five minute run and five minute walk intervals New Years Eve. But I have run so little lately that I was getting winded. So I switched to a two minute run and three minute walk interval. I think I will try this while attempting to get back into running. I see some treadmill sessions in my future to try to work on just the right pace. But for 2010, I definitely need to make exercise a priority again.

OK, off to check the lottery numbers!


ZDENNY said...

Exercise is a great things! :)

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Look out 1000 miles in 2010 and are you a millionaire today??????

Cheryl said...

Good luck with the lottery Art. I am sure you will succeed with your already have a positive attitude.
A happy and healthy New Year to you......

Racn4acure said...

Ken - nope, I guess I have to keep working. good luck on the 1,000 miles.

Cheryl - No such luck, but I will take being lucky in health and life first anyway. Happy New Year.

Zdenny - thanks for the comment although it seems like you copied and pasted this from somewhere else.