Sunday, January 24, 2010

Message From the Captain #10

Ahoy, Mateys! Ahoy! Shiver me timbers but you are a fine crew! Some of you are even pulling double duty by participating with the Summer Team! I hope we have some fine recruits for that effort.

My note tonight will be brief. First, I have been battling a little migraine headache for the day and am not feeling super creative tonight. Second, the NFC Championship game is about the start!

Here is the main idea I had for this week. As experienced TNT participants, and having been successful with fundraising for past seasons, this would be a good time to share the secrets of your success with your mentees. Last year, when I was mentoring, one of my participants asked me what my secret was for raising money. I don’t know that I have any fundraising secrets, and I have seen many, many participants who are much more creative with fundraising ideas than anything I do. But I thought about it for a while, and came up with this note to my mentees last January:

Maybe you can think of things you do over and over that work well, your secrets in effect. If so, consider writing your mentees a similar note.

We had a number of participants do great with the auction. That is fantastic! Well done to all.

Do you have any participants who did not recommit? I’d suggest writing them a nice note thanking them for their efforts, and expressing hope that we will see them again for another season. Do you have any participants who appear to be struggling? This is one more chance to try to meet with them one on one and go over their entire plan – what they have done, what is working, what is not, and what other things they could try. Do you have participants who are doing OK but still have a ways to go? I’d suggest a similar course of action, just with less urgency.

I know I may see some of you for summer kick-off Wednesday. I am really looking forward to being back on the training and fundraising circuit again. But of course I will still stay involved in the Spring Team as well.

Cap’n Art

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