Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Ran Tonight – No, Seriously, I Did!

After my tongue-in-cheek account of Monday’s “training”, you probably wonder if I really ever do any serious working out between Team in Training events. And the answer is yes. Tonight, I ran / walked four miles after work, running 26 minutes and walking 20.

It was a crappy and frustrating day at work, and it felt good to pound out some miles. Any time I found myself thinking about work as I ran, which did happen a few times, I forced myself to think about something else. These included just being outside, running through the woods for a bit, and thinking about a short story I plan on writing. Plus I was running my favorite local four mile route, one I haven’t done as much lately. I haven’t wanted to run it in the dark every since I nearly ran nose first into that ginormous spider. So since it was still daylight, I took advantage of the light to go that way. This is my first time running more than two miles in about 10 days. And with rain moving in just hours after I finished, and looking like lots of rain in the next few days, I am really glad that I got out there.

Actually, I have had at least some exercise this week. Sunday, I took three separate short hikes for a total of 10 miles: beachcombing, a nature walk, and wandering through a wildlife refuge. Monday, I did eventually do an hour of water aerobics after blowing off my morning run. Yesterday, I did nearly an hour of weights and crunches.

So while I am not exactly going crazy as a fitness butt, and certainly not close to marathon or even half-marathon shape, I am not totally decrepit, either. I have a class reunion coming up in a few weeks and would like to look at least somewhat fit for that. So I need to keep that running going!

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