Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank You, TNT Marine Corps Marathon Team!

Wow, here it is, the very last event of the Team in Training Fall Team! If you are doing this race for TNT Richmond, TNT Virginia, or any TNT Chapter, I want to thank you for your dedication to this cause.

I hope you have an amazing time at the Marine Corps Marathon a week from today. While you run the race, think a bit about the people you are helping right now, and the lives that will be saved in the future because you choose to care. And take some time to thank and reflect on the sacrifice of the brave men and women of the US Marine Corps - past, present, and future – that this race honors.

I, and all cancer patients and survivors, thank you for raising money to fight blood cancers. Have a fantastic time running all over our Nation’s Capital! And GO TEAM!

I wanted to write some verse for you that more or less describes your marathon course, without writing 26.2 verses. So here goes! Thanks again!

From the streets of our grand Capital to Potomac River’s shore
You will run your heart out for a cause that’s well worth running for
First or last, it matters not at all, it’s the cause that means the most
All cancer patients give you thanks and applaud you coast to coast

Your long race starts out in Arlington where so many heroes lie
You’ll run north and cross the river soon, reaching Georgetown by and by
To the north and then back south you’ll run, gliding past the river’s shore
While you make a difference in the world, and laud the Marine Corps

You will run past Mr. Jefferson and past Mr. Lincoln, too
Up the mall past the white obelisk as you see this long run through
You will head west so you “beat the bridge”, run past Jefferson again
Through the efforts of you purple folks, cancer war we’ll someday win

On you’ll run right past the Pentagon; on that grim September morn
The attack upon our country’s soil left our nation so forlorn
Towards Crystal City then you’ll run, and then turn back up north
The mile back near the Pentagon will be your twenty-fourth

Then past headstones back in Arlington you will move your weary feet
You are gaining on the finish line and the feeling will be sweet
Team in Training teammates cheer for you in their purples, whites, and greens
As you near the great memorial that honors our Marines

For the race ends at the monument to the men who raised that flag
In their fight on that Pacific isle, where their courage ne’er did sag
In this war we fight on blood cancers, soon a vict’ry we’ll declare
It will happen thanks to folks like you, because you choose to care

PS: When I was studying the course map to write these verses, I realized that you have an incredible route to run. And I said to myself "I HAVE TO DO THIS RACE FOR TNT SOMEDAY!!!!!!!"


Cures Rock said...

Great blog post! And best of luck to the runners!

EllsworthME said...

Art -- take the "cheaters" way out like me and run the Marine Corp 10K on the same day... It will be fun to see the purple again out in force. Go TEAM!!