Friday, October 9, 2009

People are so Generous!

So a couple of days ago, I sent out an email to my contacts to ask them to donate five dollars to my Light the Night Campaign. I had already raised $45, and hoped to get 31 five dollar donations to reach $200. I was specifically requesting donations from people who had not donated to my 2009 TNT Cancer Kickin’ Campaign.

Instead, I had 22 people donate about $470 in three days! Many of them donated 25, 50, or even 100 dollars, and many of them had already donated to my TNT campaign! But here they were, back making another donation. I really appreciate this generosity to such a good cause.

My LTN team is Faith’s Hope. Faith is a local woman who is currently battling stage-four Hodgkin lymphoma. She has done an amazing job at fund raising. Our team has raised over $7,300, is number one in fund-raising in Virginia, and is nearly $3,000 ahead of the second place team. If I sound like I am bragging, I am not. I had nothing to do with that. Faith, our team captain, has decided that she was going to use the occasion of her illness to make a difference, and she has personally raised over $5,500 of our team’s total! Therefore, she as an individual has out-raised every other team, by far! Go Faith!

Even though I am not going to go crazy with fundraising right now just months after ending Team in Training, it does feel good to have those donations coming in, and to see once more how generous people are in a down economy. I will be sending out one more note (for a total of two), and that will end my fundraising attempts for this year.


Cheryl said...

Hi never ceases to amaze me just how generous people are. I have found, that those that cannot afford it, normally give more......

You are an amazing bunch of people.......

Meaghan said...

Hi Art! I am so happy you are not giving up on my blog :) And I am even happier that you encouraged me to start running and more importantly keep running!

I see you are raising money for a very important cause. We just signed up with an organization called and they donate 50% of proceeds to us. They just opened up to NPO's and I bet you could use this to raise money for your causes.

Hope all is well and keep on running!