Friday, October 30, 2009

Volunteering is Hard Work!

So, I spent from 1PM yesterday until 5PM volunteering at Light the Night. It reminded me of how many things only get done because of volunteers, every single day. And it felt good to give back in a different way. If I win the lottery tonight, I will be doing a lot more volunteering - for many organizations and causes.

So what type things did I do? I hung banners with rope. I unloaded vehicles. I used tape to hang more banners, and to put Light the Night plastic "skirting" around all of the tables. I will probably be writing a post later about how tape - and in fact anything that is sticky on one side and designed to be applied to something - is the natural enemy of men. I unpacked and folded sweatshirts for sale. And I did a lot with balloons!

Light the Night is all about the balloons. Hundreds of balloons. And every one of those balloons must have a light inserted, and the balloon must be inflated. I will never take a balloon for granted again, because the last couple of hours of my shift was working with balloons. To insert the light requires two people. One sticks their fingers way down into the balloon and pulls it open - tougher than it sounds when repeated 100 times. The other tests the light and inserts it into the balloon. Then they must be inflated with helium, often with a deafening POP in the confined space of the balloon tent! But eventually, the 750 balloons were all inflated - white for survivors, red for supporters, and gold for walking in memory of someone.

Balloons with lights inserted lined up on the table ready for being inflated with helium

Red balloons are prepared

At the end, there is not a lot of room

Amber and Elliott, two of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's many fabulous employees, at the Team in Training recruitment tent. Come on, join TNT - you know you want to. Make TNT the road taken - you won't regret it!

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