Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

My major post of today is on my hiking blog, talking about a lunchtime hike that I did, with photos of the same. But I did want to blog about some more or less random and unconnected thoughts.

I was back at the podiatrist again this morning, getting my fourth injection into my neuroma. This time, it was the alcohol, and it hurt like crazy for a little while. Then it makes that part of your foot feel kind of numb for a few hours, almost as if you do not have a chunk of your foot. It made me walk very carefully for a while, especially on stairs. But by the time I took my hike at lunch, it felt pretty good and I was able to cruise along, walking nearly four miles.

The podiatrist told me that the neuroma is definitely still there, but the only way to tell if it is improving is to start doing long hikes and/or runs. The longest run I have done in the last few months, with some walking mixed in, is about 4-5 miles. So I need to start finding the time to get those miles increased. I only had time for 1.5 miles this morning before my doctor visit, but with the long walk at lunch, I got some decent exercise today.

Light the Night is a week from tonight. I am really looking forward to it, and will get there in the afternoon to help them set up. My team, Faith’s Hope, has raised over $8,000 for this event. The vast majority of this has been raised by Faith, our team founder and captain, who has done an amazing job. I hope that the weather will be as nice for the walk as it was today.

Saturday morning, I am helping Cate – our Richmond Team in Training Campaign Coordinator – with an information meeting. I will be talking as a cancer survivor, and also will talk about my first TNT meeting when Jamal convinced me to overcome my fear of fundraising big bucks and go for it! I hope we can recruit a big team. Kick-off is in two weeks, and I guess recruiting is lagging a bit. I am not on the team, but will be volunteering as mentor captain, a very new thing for me. I am looking forward to being involved in some capacity with the purple people again!

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