Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Flashes

Wow, TGIF! It’s been a busy week, and I’ve not had a lot of chances to write this week. For one thing, I’ve been watching the Ken Burns series on the National Parks every night since Sunday. Two hours of TV every night is a ton for me, and it takes time away from reading and writing. But it has been a very interesting series. All these things we take for granted in our society are there because they became important to someone, and they took it on and got it done. I’ve been to at least 15 of our magnificent national parks, maybe more, and it is fascinating to see some of the history and people behind their creation.

It was my sister’s birthday earlier this week – happy birthday, Sis! It is a birthday that she certainly wasn’t guaranteed when she came down with a very difficult form of breast cancer two and a half years ago. She had such a difficult time, and is still worn out a lot, but doing OK and is still in remission. With her type of cancer, that always needs to be watched. But as I wrote the other week, there is no point sitting around worrying your life away that you might get cancer again some day.

78 to one – how do you like those odds? We are moving to a new office building at my workplace this weekend, and although it is a nice facility in many ways, the men’s room on each floor is very small and has only one urinal. And there are 78 men (plus several dozen women) on my floor. This is going to get interesting, and I could write a very humorous post about it, although it might get me trouble at work, so I won’t. Even though I would not be blaming our management for it, management can be so touchy. People might be seen sleeping at their desks, because I think that coffee consumption will have to go down! I wrote a poem about the dearth of urinals, to be sung to the tune "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles, but maybe I had better not post that here! If anyone is desperate to see it, you can email me.

I had lunch with my friend, Susan, the other day, and she was telling me about the great time she had at the Augusta half-iron man triathlon. She said that I should do it as my first tri. I’m like, uh, don’t you think I should do a shorter tri first, like an Olympic distance triathlon? Reminds me – I need to buy those goggles and try to improve my swimming!


Cheryl said...

My husband had cancer many years ago....fought the battle and thankfully won the war. You are so right, we should not spend our time worrying about what might happen. Life at its longest is short, live the moment is my motto.

I do hope that your sister continues to stay in cannot be easy for her.......I wish her well.

I found the urinal remark quite amusing. As someone who takes care of elderly parents, Mum in law and two young grandchildren my life revolves around visits to the bathroom......good luck at work and for goodness sake don't drink water!!!

Racn4acure said...

You are so right, Cheryl - live in the moment to the extent possible. As we get older, we realize so well how short life is, best case.

So far the lines are not too bad. It does sound like a life dominated by bathrooms is indeed your fate for now! ;)