Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just Didn't Have It!

There are days when the miles slip by, and days when you feel like you are stuck on a treadmill, never moving. Yesterday was one of those latter days. Lelia and I both just had one of those days. We were slow. We were tired. We were happy to be done our eight miles. We felt like wimps when all our teammates did 10 miles. But we also didn't quit (we were scheduled for 8 miles not 10 - the others were over-achievers!) It was the first day of May, with temps climbing eventually well into the 80's and while it was not that warm in the morning, it was probably about 80 by the time we finished running. Later in the day, down at the beach, I threw myself into the cold Atlantic, and it felt refreshing. Here are a few photos from training:

Lexi was on last year's spring team, and is now a mom. She came all the way up to say hi to the summer team and to bake us delicious muffins. Nicki enjoys holding little Mason.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has been closed for like a year, but had its grand reopening in the morning. It is now the 10th largest art museum in the country in terms of space.

Our route took us northside past the pleasant campus of the Virginia Union University Panthers.

This flower shows its Team in Training colors.

JEB Stuart guards Stuart Circle and Monument Avenue.


Cures Rock! said...

Keep on truckin'! We all have those days! Who could forget Mike's blog of Day 13 of the Cures Rock! Tour ( -- and then remember the posting the next day when it all turned around?!

I'm cheering for you and can't wait to see ya'll in Seattle!!!


Elayne said...

But you did it!!! You know it makes you all that much stronger, good work my friend!

Racn4acure said...

Hi Jules - thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I remember reading that in your tour. He sounded like he was cooked, and then the next day - bam! So I know it will get better. it was just an off day. Looking forward to meeting you in Seattle.

Hi Elayne - thanks, you are so right. Running is not always fun, but at least it was not race day! :)