Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy Week

This week has flown by with too many things to do. Here I am, finally updating my blog. I am not getting a ton of blog readers, so updating my blog was low on the priority list this week.

One thing keeping me busy in my “free time” is beta testing this cool DeLorme GPS. I took a couple of short hikes Sunday to test some of its features.

I managed to get in a 4.5 mile run Wednesday with my teammate Lelia. We met after work and ran through Maymont, which is beautiful most times of year and especially in the spring and fall. Few of the animals were out, although we did see a bison and some deer. The rhododendrons were in bloom, and were gorgeous.

This morning, I got up early and did my long run for the week: nine miles. It actually felt pretty good most of the time. I have Saturday plans and so at least I still got in a long run for the week. I only have three more long runs and a weekend taper before heading to Seattle. That seems unreal.

I know that next week will be busy, too. For one thing, I need to get a fundraising campaign update out, and also a donation request letter. I need to get into running. And, unless I win the lottery, I have to go to work. We also have the San Diego team kickoff Wednesday night. And I have to continue Beta Testing the DeLorme GPS. I’ll be lucky if I have time to breathe!

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