Saturday, May 8, 2010

Double Digit Day

Today, for the first time since the Country Music Half Marathon in April 2009, I ran and walked 10 miles. It was a warm day, and a bit of an odd training schedule for me. I'd agreed to come at 8AM to talk to the newly formed Fall Team and do a mission moment. But our team meets at 7:15, and that would really delay my training. However, my friend Lelia wanted to start at 6:30 because she had things to do. So I met her at 6:30, and we ran and walked 4 miles together. At times, I was really lagging, and at others, was moving right along. No rhyme or reason to it.

We ran back to the lake, where its constant wind actually felt great on a warm and muggy morning. I gave a mission moment to our team, reading a note from my friend Michelle about here dad developing acute myloid leukemia. Then I ran with Lelia for a mile, and came back on my own. Six down, four to go! I gave a mission moment to the Fall Team, talking about my experience with cancer and how it is important to figure out cures for the remaining diseases. Then they took off on their initial run, and I took off on my last four miles.

I was really dragging, and after a couple of miles, my run - walk intervals became totally haphazard. The last mile, I mostly walked, and was really tired. Not good, with the race in just seven weeks. But I did it! Here are a few photos:

I was still feeling cocky just a mile or so into our run, at the Carillon.

The owners of this house have spent months trying to grow azaleas the exact color of Lelia's shirt, and they are almost there.

A few of the new Fall Team run a lap around the lake.

I was really tired by the time I reached this trail late in my training, but the shade felt great.

This section has the Kanawa Canal on the right, and Maymont on the left, just past the fence. I tred carefully all along the trail, because there was tons of poison ivy.

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TNTcoach Ken said...

So now the Fall team probably looks up to you as a running god!!!!! If you can do ten, then you know you can do eleven........