Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ready or Not, Seattle, Here I Come!

Wow, where does time go? 4.5 months ago, it was snowing a lot and cold. Fundraising was going slow, training slower. Now, in the heat of the summer - it is supposed to hit 100 today - my bags are nearly packed and ready to go, and I hope that I am as well. Seattle, here I come!

Since my little injuries, I have not come up anywhere near to my full training schedule. But I know I can finish the race. Slow down. Take pictures. Capture memories. Enjoy the time at the race and not worry so much about my time in the race. I am heading out for two easy miles in a few minutes. Yesterday, I did two hard miles to see what that would feel like, essentially doing them about 45 seconds a mile faster than my race pace needs to be if I don't want to crash and burn after 8 miles.

Fundraising-wise, which is really the most important thing, everything is great. I got a big check from a fundraiser that a friend had out of state, and then a $100 donation yesterday from Pat in Richmond put me just over the $11,000 mark at $11,050. It feels great to have surpassed my goal and running with purple hair will emphasize that!

I have all my team and marathon course information - pages and pages of it. Good reading on the plane. Virginia's team is so small that we will be part of a large "National Team" along with many other chapters. I am looking very much forward to hopefully meeting fellow blogger, blood cancer survivor, marathoner, and TNTer Julie at the race if we can connect. And I am looking forward to the Inspiration Dinner Saturday night, meeting the other Virginia and National Team members, and seeing a new place for a few days.

Seattle, here I come! I hope I am ready for this, but ready or not, there is no turning back!


TNTcoach Ken said...

There was turning back a few months ago! HA........... Looking forward to tons of pictures and good times(literally).

SusieQ said...

Go Art!!!

Nancy said...

Awesome fundraising Art! I know you will have a great time.. enjoy all your hard work! GO TEAM!
Nancy Blevins