Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thanks, Lelia, For a Great Season

One of the cool things about Team in Training is coming back for another season and meeting old friends and teammates in a totally different role. People I used to mentor come back as my mentor. People I used to train with come back as my coach. And this season, I ended up mentoring a gal that used to be my coach, Lelia.

It made for a great season. First, Lelia was a mentor's dream - she just quietly went about fundraising and met her goal with no real help or assistance from me. She did it by direct email and letter campaigns, and by doing innovative fundraisers that I never would have thought of, like a Bunko night. Of course, if I ever did a Bunko night, I would probably be drummed out of the ranks of Guydom. Drunko, maybe - but not Bunko. Not for a guy.

Because Lelia and I both were doing a type of Galloway run - walk, and because we were walking and running at similar paces and intervals, we trained together every Saturday. Sometimes she would be stronger and push me a bit, others times it was me pushing along, and many times we both had bad days running the same day and could commiserate. The few times she couldn't make it to training, I really missed her. After last season of being the only "runalker" and training by myself most Saturdays, it was great to have a teammate to train with and talk to. We trained together for the last Saturday yesterday, and it was fun. So thanks, Lelia! It was a great summer season.

Here is Lelia at mile 8 in the San Diego Marathon a week ago, being suprised by her friend Mike and his camera. Another of my mentees, Stephanie, is in the right hand side of the photo. Don't they look like they are having fun? Come on out and join Team in Training, y'all! You won't regret it!


Lelia said...

I could have never done this without you.

EllsworthME said...

I remember mile 8 in San Diego well - if they haven't changed the course its mile 2 of a 3 mile climb that was a killer. Congrats to all the TNTr's who Rocked!