Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Week to Go!

Where does time go? Early February, with its back to back deep snowfalls that cancelled our first two trainings for the so called Summer Team, is a distant memory in the sweltering heat of June in Virginia. The Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon is exactly a week away, and so today, I had my last team training. I trained with the fall team, and we ran the good old out and back up Boulevard. It is not my favorite route, but one advantage of it was seeing many old friends from TNT out running with the Richmond Sportsbackers Marathon Training Team.

I ran about 6.5 miles, the first half of it with Elliot, who is the remaining TNT staff person in the Richmond office now that Amber and Cate (who left yesterday) are gone. He is a good guy, very busy right now, and I enjoyed getting to chat with him. During the run, I felt no pain in my injured calf or ankle, which works for me. It was tough going in the heat, but Seattle should be much cooler. It is possible that the high the day of the race will be cooler than our low today. So hopefully, I am ready. I know I have not done enough hill work, and may have no choice but to walk many of the hills. But my goal right now is to finish.

Here are some photos from training today.

The Fall Team seems like a great group.

Elliot snapped this shot of me with the monument to all the Civil War horses and mules that perished during the war - something like 1,500,000 of them. It is a sad monument of an exhausted and starving horse at the Virginia Historical Society.

Confederate General A. P. Hill's monument marked my turn-around point.

Showing off my new purple headband, which hopefully will keep purple hair dye from running into my eyes with sweat in Seattle.

Running with a couple members of the Fall Team back down Hermitage

Some of the Fall walk team coming up Boulevard

The Flying Squirrels are now rocking the Diamond! Let's go nuts over the Squirrels!

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