Friday, June 25, 2010

Reviewing my ABC's

Today as I toured a bit of Seattle for the second day in a row, I reviewed my ABC's. More about that in a second, but it was a fun day. We started out with a National Team run around the Seattle downtown, probably running 1.5 miles. It was so nice and cool. Then my roommate (and Richmond coach) Chuck and I walked in a light rain down to Pike Place Market, had breakfast, and looked at some of the amazing displays of seafood, flowers, and fruits and vegetables. From there, we walked to the Washington State Ferry Terminal, and took the ferry to Bainbridge Island, which was a very pretty ride. The rain had stopped but there was heavy cloud cover all day. Mt. Rainier was never visible. We walked trails through a waterfront park, and shared some of the walk and a snack at a coffeehouse with a nice young woman named Kim. She was here from California and is running the full marathon. The link below may or may not work, but shows where I was on the way out:

Then, knowing I have been on my feet too much today, I came back the room and am trying to relax for the last three hours before the Inspiration Dinner. I would guess I was on my feet a minimum of 5 miles today, including our team run.

Now to my ABC's.... My A goal for tomorrow is to break 2 hours 30 minutes. It will be tough because of my sporadic training the last five weeks due to injury and illness, but it is doable. The weather should be great. I am in good over all shape, and my coach taped the 2:30 pace marker to our hotel room mirror. And it is in purple! That is a good omen! So I am going to go for it tomorrow. And I made the decision to do something different - to not run with my TNT hat that I have worn in every race since first signing on to TNT in 2005. I do not want to cover my purple hair. I will bring it to the start and gear check it if it isn't raining.

My B goal is to set a PR, which would be under 2:44 for the half, which was my time in my only other half marathon, Nashville Country Music last year. My C goal is to finish, in any time.

Regardless of A, B, or C, I choose to be happy about this, collect great memories, and take pictures along the way. Having surpassed my fundraising goal - emphasized by my purple hair tomorrow - is what really counts. Hitting 2:30 in the race would be the frosting on the cake. But the cake itself - being here for the race, being alive, being strong and healthy enough to run and walk 13.1 miles, running with purple hair, and running to honor all of the cancer patients whose names are on my shirt - is incredibly sweet with or without the frosting. So I will have my cake and eat it to in Seattle - with or without the frosting!

A TNT Inspiration Dinner, and a 3AM wake-up call wait! GO TEAM!


EllsworthME said...

Art - Have a great race whatever the time! I look forward to the pictures of your new hairdo :)

Elayne said...

Art~ hope your race day is everything you hope it to be! I too will be watching for your pictures :)
Thank you again for running for me and all the others on your shirt!

LWH said...

Art!!! I couldn't take the suspense while you are off hiking, I peeked at the race results! POST DARNIT! I can't wait to hear about it all!!! CONGRATS!!!