Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Will Run With Purple Hair!

Elsbeth from Arizona put me at 100% of my goal today, so it is official - I will be running with purple hair in Seattle in 11 days! To the 120+ people that donated so that I could reach this goal for LLS, many thanks. I dedicate this, and my purple hair, to you!

“I Will Run With Purple Hair!”

“Will I run with purple hair?”
I asked five months ago.
Will there be enough who care
With the economy so slow?

For I pledged to run with purple hair
If I should meet my goal
While making people more aware
Of blood cancers and their toll.

So I set my goal for purple hair
At eight thousand and a half
I tried to write updates with flair
And to sometimes get a laugh.

Just three months in that purple hair
Began to look in doubt
Fundraising was a tough affair
Was my goal, perhaps, too stout?

But in my quest for purple hair
A surge came fast and strong
As six score gave what they could spare
And proved my doubts so wrong.

And so I’ll run with purple hair
On the twenty-sixth of June
Because so many choose to share,
Helping fund new cures soon.

So think of me, with purple hair
As I run across Seattle
For cancer patients in despair,
And for hope in their hard battle.

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