Friday, March 26, 2010

Recommitting at The Halfway Point

My fifth race for Team in Training, the Seattle Half Marathon, is exactly three months from today, and I am viewing right now as the halfway point.

Training wise, we are only a couple of months in, so training – based on time – is not yet at the halfway point. But tomorrow, I am getting out there to run the Monument Avenue 10K, and a 10K is pretty close to a quarter of a marathon. Plus last week, I ran and walked seven miles, and that is definitely more than half of a half marathon. So training distance wise, I am about at the half way point.

Fundraising wise, I have reached 49% of my goal of $8,500. I have three more months to come up with the rest, and it is going to be very difficult. This is by far the toughest fundraising I have seen in my five events. But I am halfway to that ambitious fundraising goal, and I have to be pleased with the results and generosity of people to date. Will I get the whole thing and dye my hair in purple for the race? Only time will tell, but I surely hope so.

I recommitted yesterday, meaning I signed paper work that I was actually going to do the event and go through with my fundraising and other obligations. There was never any doubt. Once I got my first donation, I was bonded to following through with this. As it has turned out, I am very close to the minimum fundraising amount of $4,700. And actually, factoring in some checks I haven’t sent in yet, the International House of Pancakes funds, and my Silent Auction proceeds, I will be over $5,000 once those funds post. So I am in no danger of not making the fundraising minimum.

I’m looking forward to the 10K tomorrow. The one last year was fun, and I set a personal record. It will be a lot tougher for me to do that this year, because I am not anywhere near that level of conditioning as I was this time last year. So I will do my best to run well and also to have fun!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Hey, I placed a bet in Vegas on you for the 10k! Good luck.

Racn4acure said...

I hope you took trillion to one odds, Ken.