Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to Back Runs

After yesterday's fun run with Lelia and our two team run coaches, I decided to run again today. I need to get in the habit of working out and running with great regularity, and a spring like day in daylight seemed like just the ticket. So I ran and walked six laps in Echo Lake Park.

I am really enjoying having Lelia on my team. First, we go pretty far back with Team in Training. She was my walk coach for my first two seasons on the team. Secondly, she is a "runalker" like me, and we are both working out at fairly similar paces. She has a runner's GPS, and that helps keep us both on pace and with intervals that work. Third, she is a fun person to talk to and having someone to chat with makes the miles just slip by. The last time I did TNT I ended up training by myself a good bit because I was the only person doing a run / walk combination. So I am definitely enjoying not being out there by myself all the time this go-around. I am really glad that she is back on the team.

At the end of training yesterday, I ran into several former teammates. That is another great thing about TNT - you meet a lot of really good people, and it is a lot of fun to run into them in other seasons. Yesterday, I saw Liz, who was on my first team ever. Vicki, who was the run coach for that team, is coaching the spring team. Betty, Summer Team walk coach, was on my first team. Chuck, my roommate for the Arizona marathon in 2008, is our team run coach. And Sarah, my Arizona coach, was out coaching the Monument Avenue 10K team. It felt like a mini-reunion!

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