Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two More Announcements from my Cancer Kickin' Campaign

This was my fifth note updating my campaign to potential donors....

I had a couple more big new announcements from my Team in Training Cancer Kickin’ Campaign. Fortunately, host Hal Larius of FSEN (Fundraising Sports Entertainment Network) let me appear on his show again to let the world know these exciting new developments. Following is a transcript of my recent interview with Hal:

Hal: Hi folks, tonight on my show, “Athletes in Grace and Disgrace,” we have a very special guest, Art Ritter – er – Cinco-ocho. I’m glad we could get you back on my show so soon, Art.
Art: Thanks, Hal. Great to be back!.
(Audience: thunderous applause and rhythmic chanting “Cin-co-o-cho”, “Cin-co-o-cho”)
I know you have two really big announcements tonight, but first, tell everyone about where your campaign stands.
Art: Well, as you know, I’m training for my fifth Team in Training event, the Seattle Half Marathon, and raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I want to thank the many generous people who have contributed. People can go to my TNT web page at any time to donate, catch up on my latest updates, or see my list of honorees.
(The web site URL of my TNT page is shown on the TV screen):


Hal: So, you’ve reached nearly half of your fundraising goal, right?
Art: Yes. People have generously donated $4,100 so far. This money will be used to provide services to blood cancer patients and to work towards the ultimate goal of curing blood cancers: lymphoma, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.
Hal: Well, what’s this about the color purple?
Art: Well, Hal, I am announcing here tonight that if I reach my fundraising goal by June 25, I am going to dye my hair purple for the race!
(Audience: a loud buzz fills the studio, and several young women in the audience scream)
Wow, that would be so cool! Hey, how about a purple Mohawk, Art?
Art: Let’s not go nuts with this, Hal.
Hal: Yeah, that would be pretty over the top and out of character for you, wouldn’t it?
Art: So that people can see how close I am to having purple hair for the race, on my TNT web page is a link to a cool new feature, my “Purpleometer.” I’ll update this as money continues to come in, and when “Mini-Me” has 100% purple hair, you know I’ll have purple hair too on race day! And after the race, I’ll post a photo of myself with purple hair on my blog, Racing for a Cure.
(Audience: breaks into cheering and stamping their feet; a few young women swoon)
Oh that is awesome! I can’t wait to check that out. So I just go to your web page and there is a link to your Purpleometer?
Art: Yep, it’s so easy, Hal. But I have another big announcement, too.
(Audience: collective sound of loud inhaling with excitement)
Well, don’t hold us in suspense, Art. What is it?
Art: Well, March Madness turned very quickly to March Sadness for me with Villanova losing in the second round, but I am going to turn it back to March Fadness by continuing my campaign’s wild and whacky hat fad!
Hal: Oh, exciting! How will March Fadness work, Art?
Art: Simple, Hal. For a $25 or larger donation for most teams, I will wear the college team hat of your choice for a day, and put a picture on my blog. Your team is still in March Madness? Rub it in, make me wear their hat. Your team is a ‘Nova arch rival in basketball, or even football – any Blue Hen, Spider, or Tribe fans out there? Go ahead, show LLS the money and I will wear your hat.
Hal: Wow, just 25 bucks? I think I see you wearing a Whittier Poets hat pretty soon, good buddy!
Art: Well, $25 for most teams. But for some teams, it is $50. All these teams either beat Villanova this year, or knocked us out of the tournament over the past few years. It is just so painful and humiliating to wear these teams’ hats, but for a good cause, I will: North Carolina, St. Mary’s, Florida, Kentucky, Kansas, West Virginia, Syracuse, Pitt, Temple, UConn, Marquette, or Georgetown.
(a fan in the back jumps up and screams “’Nova stinks, Tarheels rule! The audience boos him)
I’d love to see you in a Syracuse or Georgetown hat, Art. Oh, the humiliation.
Art: Yeah, feels kind of rash right now, but I am not backing down! Go ahead, humiliate me, it is for a good cause. Make the donation and loan me the hat, and I will wear it! Even if it is one of a hated rival!
(A guy in the audience shouts “Yeah!” Applause starts rippling through the studio)
Well folks, that’s all we have time for tonight. Art, thanks for coming on. I’m going to be checking out that Purpleometer and getting you that Poets hat! Goodnight, everyone.

That’s the latest from my 2010 Cancer Kickin’ Campaign, Survivor in Seattle. Stay tuned for future updates!

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