Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Flipped When I Heard the News!

For almost two weeks, my fundraising has been as flat as a pancake. But today, I got the official news from LLS about the results of the IHOP in Fredericksburg that I helped crew last week. The donations were split equally among the five of us that volunteered for a shift, and each of us got a pat of butter over $500! I flipped when I got the news! What a great boost to my fundraising, all at once. It translates to almost 6% of my fundraising goal from just one activity.

I had heard this unofficially before, but dared not to fully believe it until I knew for sure. I had volunteered for the shift feeling that $200 would be pretty good, and $300 would be great. But $500? Now that is sweeter than maple syrup! Thanks again, International House of Pancakes!

So while I write this, I will give a brief fundraising report. I have just over $2,400 registered with LLS, and $75 of checks in the mail – no really, they are! Add the $500 from the IHOP guests to it, and I am about the thickness of a flapjack away for $3,000. I also have $400 in corporate matching gifts that have not cleared yet, and probably won’t for a while. But counting that money in, I am at about $3,400. All in all, two months into fundraising, that is a very good start.

I’ve been concentrating on getting silent auction items this week, but next week, I seriously need to send out my fourth campaign update. I am trying to decide on a theme for the note, and have an idea. My last two, about the little girl in Nashville with leukemia, and about our team’s February Miracle Girls, were serious. So I think this fourth one needs a little whackiness. What do you think?


TNTcoach Ken said...

It never hurts to have a little wackiness! Fantastic news about the fund-raising.

LWH said...

You're doing great, Art! My corporate match won't get paid until May, usually late May, so don't count on it hitting your total until June. Sorry, they're slow like that (which drives me crazy!) but at least you know it's coming!!!

Keep up the great work!

Racn4acure said...

Thanks guys, I was happier than a kid with a stack of hotcakes smothered in butter and maple syrup to get that news! Art