Sunday, March 14, 2010

Message #7 From Your Artful Mentor

Hi everyone! Happy March Madness! ‘Tis I, your Artful Mentor, with my weekly message. This week, I have a reminder or two, a brief discussion of recommitment, and a mission moment.

Reminder # 1 – Silent auction this coming Tuesday, 6:30, Blackfinns. If you have items but have not told Cate about them, please tell her today or tomorrow at the latest. And tell your friends about it. Let’s hope for a great turnout!

Reminder # 2 – I think we are going to try for a team breakfast after training Saturday, right Coach Chuck? I am voting for Kitchen 64.

Reminder # 3 – Most of you missed the fundraising clinic. Let Cate or I know if you want to review any of the material or have questions.

Reminder # 4 – Don’t forget to check out the online TNT fundraising webinar:

Now, about recommitment – this happens Friday for those of you going to San Diego. Only you can decide what you will do, but please talk to Cate or I if you have any questions or concerns. Once you recommit, LLS starts making financial obligations on your behalf and so there is no going back. If you want to talk about your fundraising campaign, bounce ideas around, or brainstorm, get in touch with me. It is a busy week for me, and I am not available Thursday at all (going to see Wicked), but I will try to help you all I can. If you recommit, you will have about two months before you get charged for any shortages between what you raised and the minimum and until some time in June – roughly three more months – to finish raising the money and get reimbursed for anything you paid out. Cate can clarify this.

Mission Moment: This past week in Texas, a little girl named Layla Grace lost her battle from cancer. It would appear from her photo that she was about 2-3 years old. On March 7, shortly before she died, her mother wrote this in her blog. To me, her words are a powerful reminder of what children with cancer and their families go through, and why continuing to ask for donations to ultimately find cures for all cancers is so important:

“There isn’t much change with Layla. She is getting weaker by the day. She’s refusing ice chips, juice chips, small bites of jello…basically she’s not opening her mouth for anything. She can no longer sit up on her own and can hardly lift her head when laying on my shoulder. This is much slower and much more painful than we could have ever imagined.

The past year has been one obstacle after another. We’ve had doctors and others that have walked this road, try to help us by telling us what to expect each step of the way. While it’s been helpful, until you’re put right in the thick of it you have no idea how to react. The past 3 weeks have been pure hell. Watching Layla go through this suffering has been pure hell. Being away from our other 2 kids has been pure hell. The only think keeping me sane is faith. When I’m holding her and just want to cry uncontrollably, the only thing that holds me together is faith. That’s all I have left to cling to.”

Sad words to end on, but I hope our efforts will make this type of sadness less and less common.


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