Friday, April 23, 2010

Running is Hard on You

It felt good to have a rest day today, and other than walking about a mile at lunch to get some fresh air on a pretty spring day, I totally took it easy. Tomorrow's eight miles could be rough for a couple of reasons.

First, running Wednesday in the rain and thus in a soaked shirt led to some serious and painful chaffing. I am going to liberally apply Body Glide tomorrow for the first time this year. And I think that even that will not be enough, so I think I might wear a "men's sports bra" (a pair of bandaides) for the first time ever.

Second, my neuroma had been no issue for a long time, but it is clearly raising its ugly head again. I have felt pain in my left forefoot the last couple of weeks. For many months, I had kidded myself a bit to think that the last alcohol shot had done the trick, and the neuroma was history. But clearly, that was a pipe dream. I may have to go back to the podiatrist, get some more shots, and then just gut it out for the next nine weeks. I am wearing orthotics and wide toebox shoes, but with that left foot, it just looks like this may always be an issue.

I wonder if I should consider surgery? I hate to do that other than absolutely as a last resort, after the race of course. For now, I will just see how it goes.

It looks like rain tomorrow again, so my next training post might not have many photos.

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