Sunday, April 4, 2010

Message #10 From Your Artful Mentor

Hi Everyone,

Yes, it is I, your Artful Mentor, with another weekly message for you. I hope that everyone is well. I was at the beach this weekend, running my seven miles in a cold, wet fog yesterday morning. Today was gorgeous, though. It was tough to come home.

Shout outs to Beth, Stephanie S., and Nancy for reaching their fundraising minimums a few weeks ago. I sense some potential Virginia Rock Stars. That rock star shirt will look great on you in San Diego.

A shout out to Lisa for taking her silent auction items that didn’t sell and having her own auction. That’s the spirit.

I met with Lauren last week to discuss fundraising. I didn’t get calls from anyone else, but if you need to review things and brainstorm ideas, I am glad to help. I am going to have to miss training this Saturday, but I plan on being there the week after.

Here are three concepts that Lauren and I discussed the other night. They apply to any of you who are still below your minimum:

1. Back in ancient times, a Roman general crossed a river with his army and then had the bridges burned behind them. His army had to fight or drown – there was no going back. In a similar, but less bloody and hazardous fashion, once you recommit, there is no going back. So you have to find a way to raise the minimum money committed to. You can, and you will!

2. Think of any time you spend fundraising as a really great paying part-time job, because every dollar you raise is a dollar you won’t have to pay yourself. If you spend 20 hours fundraising and bring it $1,000, that is like a $50 an hour job.

3. The goal of every mentor and everyone at LLS is that you reach your goal without paying a dollar yourself. We can’t do it for you but we want you to be successful and have a great time doing it. So let Cate or I know how we can help.

One of the things that Lauren and I discussed was how for most people, the bulk of the money you will raise, and the most efficient method (the most dollars raised for the effort expended) is going to be by using emails and letters. So do something this week in that regard. If it has been more than two weeks since you sent an email out updating what you have been doing and getting your message out there, it is time to send one. That is what I will be doing. My note will be called “If You Think a Marathon is Hard, Try Chemotherapy.” I will hopefully send it out by Tuesday night and then post it on my blog. It may have ideas that you can use if you want to try a similar theme.

If you are up to date on your notes, but have not mailed a letter yet, give that a shot. A couple of months ago, I sent you a number of examples and ideas. I have not yet sent a letter. I am waiting to see who has not responded to my email campaign, and who among these people are the most likely to respond to a letter. My goal is to send a letter about 2 months before my race. If I were doing San Diego and not Seattle, that would be right now (hint, hint).

That is about it from your Artful Mentor this week. Let me know if you need help.

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