Saturday, April 3, 2010

Running in the Fog

Last night, we came down to the beach, and so I got up about daybreak to run my long training day. I wanted to run seven miles. My quads were still a little sore from my hard workout Thursday evening, but I was looking forward to seeing the surf from points along the run.

I planned two out and backs – four miles round trip into Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and then back to the condo for a water stop, and then three miles round trip up Sand Fiddler Road with the ocean just yards away. I ended up doing it as planned, but what was not planned was the weather – fog as thick as pea soup. Running south into a stiff breeze was uncomfortable in the 50 degree temperatures, and coated my glasses in moisture. It is pretty bad when I can see better without my glasses than with them.
I used my new watch to run with a 4.25 minute interval and then walk 2.5 minutes. I reversed this for the second part of the run, and my legs were really tired. I was soaked from running into the windblown fog after about a mile, and worried about my cell phone and camera. As is my habit, I brought the camera along to take pictures, but the fog was too thick for any great pictures. So back at the condo after 4 miles, I drank Gator Aid and left the camera and phone behind for the final three mile portion.

I never could see the ocean, although I could hear the surf roaring. That was nice, but all in all, I was glad to be done with this seven miler and get some hot tea and a hot shower.

Along the way, I think I ran into the Easter Bunny, getting ready for his big day tomorrow.


Cheryl said...

Hi Art.....I always think of November and fogs, that is when we get them. It does look a little drear but there is always something a bit mystical about foggy days. I am not sure if I like that Easter bunny or not....they are still eating some of the plants in my garden!!lol

Have a good Easter.....

Racn4acure said...

Hope your Easter was good, Cheryl. Bunnies love gardens!

Fog always feels a little mysterious.