Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thinking of the Monument Avenue 10K

The last week or so, as my limp becomes less pronounced, I’ve been thinking more and more of the Monument Avenue 10K and whether I could run or walk it this year. I have been in this race for the last six year, including it in this blog in 2008 for Team Tommy, 2009 also with Team Tommy, and 2010. I hate to break my streak, and keep thinking I can do this race somehow. But then yesterday, my foot was hurting quite more than usual (after I made a lot of trips on our stairs carrying stuff we donated to a charity for settling in refugees) and I had to sit for most of the afternoon and evening.

The race is one of the biggest in the USA. I think I am safe waiting until early March and then signing up. If I can do it, I will wear a photo of my friend Judy, who died last month ago from myeloma, and also one of my sister Ann, who’s awful battle with stage 4 breast cancer is getting worse.

Running or walking in this race, depending on how well my foot heals and how much cardio fitness I can get back by April 2, would be a nice milestone from recovering from the surgery and also a good tune-up for Team in Training, which will start up in May. Plus, I would love to do something special to honor Judy and Ann.

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