Saturday, February 12, 2011

Upstairs, Downstairs

18 days after surgery now, and my foot is doing OK. The incision has fully healed. All of my toes but one no longer look like Vienna sausages. I need to keep my left foot wrapped for three more days so that the ligament that the surgeon cut can finish healing, then I can try full pressure on my foot without a bandage. I have gotten in the habit of taking the bandage off each night and to just be careful to walk on my heel.

With my foot wrapped, stuffed in a big sock, and then stuffed in a Croc, I can walk pretty easily but with a limp. There are still a lot of quite painful and sore areas, and that will continue for some weeks.

I’ve been able to go up and down stairs for over a week now. At first, I would use only my right leg to pull myself up, one stair at a time. Right foot up, left foot on the same stair, repeat as necessary. But as of about a week ago, I could go up normally, just slowly. When my bandage is off, I have to go back to the “double step” method, making sure to only put pressure on my left heel.

At work, I mostly taken the elevator this past week, my first back. But Tuesday, I’d met a friend for lunch, and on coming back, the whole block where my building is was cordoned off with police tape. I took the long way around to get to the front door, walking an extra three blocks, to see if I could get in that way. But I was told that the entrance was off limits because of a suspicious package half a block away. However, the building was not evacuated, so I felt compelled to go back to work. Yeah, I know – dumb!

So I went in through the back door, which comes into a kind of basement, two floors down. Then I thought “What if there is a bomb? Do I want to get slow-roasted in an elevator?” The answer was an emphatic no! So I walked up, eight floors, slowly and painfully. I made it, but it was like climbing a mountain. It was sobering. Before the surgery, I always take the stairs, and it is a piece of cake. Some day soon, it will be again. For now, I’ll be grateful that I am moving around a bit.

Yesterday, I did take the stairs one time – six floors – and it was nowhere near as hard or painful. And for the last several days at work, I started walking up and down when I had to go one or two floors instead of taking the elevator. It feels good to be able to go up and down stairs again!


Carlee said...

Glad you're on the mend! Also, glad a stumbled upon your blog. Looking forward to following.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Slow roasted in an elevator or a stairwell?????? That was just crazy! Take it easy and get well....

Racn4acure said...

Hi Carlee - thanks for the nice comment. GO TEAM!

Ken - I figured in the stairs, I might have a chance to get out anyhow. I have the taking it easy part pretty well figured out.