Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank You, TNT Team Princess!

To all of the women (and just perhaps a few males) of Team in Training Richmond, all of Virginia, and Nationwide running and walking in the Disney Princess Half Marathon this weekend, I wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done to train and raise money for this event. As a lymphoma survivor, I know first hand what a huge difference that effective cancer treatments have meant in my life. You are giving others the same chance of survival that I had, and for that, I and all cancer survivors are grateful.

You’ve worked so hard – now go have a great weekend and a great race in Orlando. It sounds like a really fun race, lots of pink, crowns, and tiaras, I would guess. I know that if I were running it with you, I would probably have set up some goofy fundraising challenges - like running in a pink skirt for the right level of donations, or maybe running wearing a pink or purple tiara, something like that. So, have fun!

In gratitude for your efforts, I have written this rondeau as a token of my esteem for you. GO TEAM!

You race for cures in crowns of pink
And regal shirts - purple, I think!
For thirteen miles, a real princess
(I’d not fit in, I must confess,
Although I say that with a wink)

From this challenge, you did not shrink -
To help save lives poised on the brink.
You are a champion, and no less
You race for cures!

Let’s find the cures, unearth that link!
In cancer’s shield, we’ll find a chink !
So many now are in distress
But your hard work means more progress
Putting patients back in the pink!
You race for cures!

Art Ritter
February 22, 2011


Carlee said...

That's great!

Susan Ann J. Glass said...

Love you, Art...you are the best! See you when I get back!