Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reaching a Milestone – Two, Actually!

So two days ago, I reached a milestone by taking a decent length walk for the first time since my foot surgery. I walked a total of over two miles, so technically, I guess that would be two milestones. I walked along the James River to see the great blue heron nests, and it felt good to be active. I walked along at a pretty decent clip, maybe 14-15 minutes per mile while I was actually moving.

My foot has been fairly sore since, especially yesterday, so I probably overdid it Tuesday. I was also wearing my really old and beaten up shoes, so I don’t think I had good foot and arch support. Today, I walked over a mile to have lunch by the river on a beautiful day, but I wore my less old shoes.

I think I am a good week or so from being able to walk four miles or more without some trouble, and maybe three weeks away from trying a little running. But who knows, it could come sooner. For now, I am happy to not be sofa and chair bound every minute of the day. It really makes one appreciate their mobility.

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Elayne said...

That's great news art! It feels so good to get out there when you, for one reason or another could not. Glad you are out and about once again!