Monday, February 14, 2011

Wait, Weights, and Weight!

My wait to take off the wrap on my left foot, and leave it off, is over. It feels weird not to have a tight bandage around my foot, and there is some pain and numbness that the bandage kind of masked, but overall it feels great! Tomorrow, it will be really nice to not have to wrap my foot after I take a shower.

Yesterday, I decided that I’d had enough of being a couch potato. So I hobbled over to the gym and did some weights. I spent about a half hour or so doing a moderate workout, and it felt really good. I threw in some leg work, but nothing on my feet, and also some crunches, all badly needed. I am a little sore today.

Speaking of weight, I also weighed myself while I was at our community gym. Ouch! Although I have been sedentary, my jaws have not been. I’ve gained a good 3-4 pounds over the last three or four weeks. Time to do something about that.

Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day! Chocolates, anyone?

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Elayne said...

Happy valentines day Art! glad your feeling well enough to start working out again :)