Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Longer Being Kept in Stitches

I got the stitches out on my incision today on my left foot. After looking at the incision again, it is a little shorter than I thought, probably 1.25 to 1.5 inches. At least some of the pain is less with the stitches out, as I think they were irritating to some degree. There are still plenty of areas that hurt. As the doctor said, for some time yet, the pain from the surgery will be a lot more than that of the neuroma. In about 6 more weeks, they should roughly be about the same, and then hopefully, the pain will gradually decrease and be less than what I had before. I would guess that point – about six more weeks – is when I might try running again.

In the last week, I have graduated from needing two crutches to using one crutch, to using a cane. For now, I will use the cane, although if I am careful, I can move around without it some if I take it slow (and don’t try to raise cane!). I have medical clearance to go back to work Monday, but I have to honestly say I have not missed working for the last two weeks, and love being able to do a little more reading. All things must end, however.

Tomorrow, I will remove the bandage from my foot and get a shower without plastic bags on! Now, I am really looking forward to that! Afterwards, I do need to put on a new bandage, because that will help the foot from “splaying” laterally. He had to cut through a ligament to get to the offending nerve, and the bandage needs to stay on for that reason for another 11 days. After that point, I plan on at least using the pool and getting an aerobic workout there without involving my feet.

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