Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Requiem in Pacem, Judy

Our dear friend Judy died Sunday from multiple myeloma and plasma cell leukemia, and I have written this in her memory.

“To Judy”

Your time with us on earth was altogether much too brief
As was my time to be your friend these seven fleeting years
Your family and your friends miss you so much in our grief
As we struggle through this time of sorrow with our bitter tears

I seek solace in my memories of times spent well with you
And so wish there could be more, although I know that cannot be
You were a friend to me, and Mary, and one so loyal and true
But you’ve slipped the bonds of earth, and of suffering are now free

Perhaps in some unknown way you can sense these words of mourning
Even though your time here with us has reached heartbreaking end
You have left us all behind with such very little warning
But we remember you with love, so rest well in peace, my friend

There may be a future time that our pain and grief is muted
From the loss we sense today, and our feeling so bereft
But I tell you one thing now that cannot be disputed:
We’ll ne’er forget you, Judy, ‘nor the memories that you’ve left

Art Ritter
January 11, 2011


TNTcoach Ken said...

Once again, sorry for your loss Art....

Hopesrising said...

Sorry for your loss, Art.

Racn4acure said...

Thanks Ken and Kerry - much appreciated. Art