Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26.2 Miles? Try 26.2 Feet!

So, I have a goal for completing my fourth marathon (and sixth event) for Team in Training in 2011. Right now, that feels as likely as climbing Mount Everest. The only way I could even go 26.2 feet without crutches, much less 26.2 miles, is by hopping on my right foot. And that would be a challenge. I have learned that hopping, at least for me, takes a huge amount of energy. I hopped around my kitchen for about 10 seconds this morning getting some things moved around, and my pulse shot up to about 90! It might work for kangaroos, rabbits, and gerbils, but not for me. Of course, they use two feet to hop, not one.

My foot feels fine if I keep it still and elevated. A couple of times, I have lost my balance a bit while moving around and my foot has hit the floor, and not even that hard. And that is a very immediate reminder not to so that. So, while I am tired of sitting and lying around, at least I am catching up on some reading, and watching a movie or two on TV, and listening to music – plus making some updates on my two blogs. Although there won’t be a lot of activity on my hiking blog for a long bit, I should think. I still have a couple more of my Alaskan experiences from September to post there, however.

I am hoping to get a shower tonight if I can tightly wrap my left foot and lower leg in a big trash bag. My wife is looking forward to me getting a shower. My cats are looking forward to me getting a shower. My neighbors are looking forward to me getting a shower. The little stuffed Philadelphia Eagles bear that sits on our sofa is looking forward to me getting a shower! I have noticed that somehow, it keeps creeping further and further away from me!

I am also looking forward to seeing the doctor Friday, checking out the incision, and getting an update from him about how long I need to stay off my feet. Until then, it is a steady diet of RICE for me: rest, ice, compression, and elevation – as well as books, movies, and music, of course!

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Elayne said...

Glad to hear all is well so far Art! Yes...Thank you to whoever came up with anesthesia!!
While your couch bound, two very inspiring movies I think you would love. The Spirit of the marathon and On a Clear day. Both great!
Happy Hopping and get plenty of RICE :)