Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don’t Try This With a Sore Foot

One of the most dreaded sounds a cat owner can hear in the dead of night is the sound of their cat preparing to throw up. It seems to happen often in our house, and when it does, I end up coming out of a dead sleep. The big worry is that this is happening on our sofa. You or I, if we were getting ready to be sick, would make every effort to get away from the sofa or bed. Our cats seem to have no such concern. In fact, they seem to prefer soft, comfortable places to get sick on.

So when I was awakened in such horror two nights ago at about 2:30AM, I jumped out of bed without even thinking, landing on my left foot! The pain immediately erased whatever sense of sleep I still had. I sat back on the bed, listening to the lovely sound of a cat puking several times somewhere in our living room – maybe on the sofa, maybe on a computer. It turned out to be on the floor – because we have cats, we have hardwood floors. My wife awoke then and cleaned it up, as I could basically not move at that point. I laid back down, foot throbbing for a couple of hours as I vainly tried to resume sleeping. Eventually, I did sleep for a while.

Last night, I was awakened by the same sound, but this time, I ignored it. My foot is still quite sore, and I figured wherever it was, I could clean it up later – which I did.

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