Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Locking the Barn Door After the Horse Escapes

I wish running shoes had a little gauge that told you when to toss them. I always wait too long, trying to delay spending $100 or more. In this case, I ended up waiting too long. I clearly have plantar fasciitis, and it is not a lot of fun. Plus, I ended up spending the $135 anyway.

I noticed last week that my left heel was hurting more and more, and realizing that my shoes are at least a year old, with who knows how many 100’s of miles on them, I thought that might be the cause. So I replaced them, and their orthotic inserts, and it seemed to help. But it was probably too late, or I should have rested more. I took it really easy Friday, and then, feeling pretty good Saturday, I walked about 3 miles at the beach. That still felt okay Sunday, so I walked about 6 miles (in hiking boots) on Sunday. Maybe that was not a good idea, because my left foot has hurt quite a bit since then.

I know I thought “it’s only six miles.” It seems so short. But when you have the start of an injury, six miles can be a long way that makes things worse.

It seems like classic plantar fasciitis – pain near the heel, and much worse when I first get up after sitting, and especially after sleeping. I took it easy yesterday, am taking it easy today, and wore a night splint that a runner friend lent me. I am also icing, and taking “vitamin I” (Ibuprofen). All of that has helped to some extent, but the foot still has definite pain when I stand and take those first few steps.

My guess is that I will have continue doing all these things for a week or so, and see if the pain lessens. I hate being inactive. I am a pretty patient guy about a lot of things, but not about that. But I may have no choice. In trying to save some money (which I ended up spending anyway) I have caused an injury. The new shoes are great, and a reminder of how worn out the old ones were even though they still looked pretty good. But the new shoes are like closing the barn door after the horse escaped, and there are no shoulda – woulda – coulda that will undo that. Just hopefully lots of rest, ice, and the night splint. I have 60 miles to walk in a few months, but right now, I keep trying to tell myself that the best way to get there is resting and not walking a lot.

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Elayne said...

hey art!
Sorry to hear about the PF.It does sound like classic symptoms :(
I had PF and found rolling a frozen water bottle under my foot and doing stretches ( google stretches for PF). Do them as soon as you get up and several times a day. Same with the ice.
I also wore a boot for PF at night that helped as well.
Good luck!