Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank You, TNT Vancouver!

This weekend is the marathon and half-marathon in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This thank you is to the Richmond team, the Virginia team, and all of the teams that are racing for a cure there this weekend. Thank you, from a nine year lymphoma survivor, for deciding to do Team in Training and for sticking with it. Have a great time, and a great race. As April is Poetry Month, I decided to thank you in verse, for better or worse

We humans have feared when cancer appeared
Well before long-gone days of Herb Hoover
But we’re one step closer to cancer disposer
Because of your work in Vancouver

You I must praise, for the funds that you raise
Will develop more cancer remover
With your every stride throw your chest out with pride
As you race for a cure in Vancouver!

You worked hard in training, whether sunny or raining
And are known as a shaker and mover
You’ve proved you have mettle, now go win your medal
As a champion out west in Vancouver

Progress can seem slow with a long way to go
But cancer soon we’ll outmaneuver
You’ve raised funds for a cure, you trained and endured
To prepare for your race in Vancouver

For the young girl with cancer you’ll help bring the answer;
In the process, I’m sure, you will move her
Survivors like me will give you cheers – three –
For you’re heroes this day in Vancouver!

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