Friday, April 22, 2011

TGIF Musings!

I thought I’d update my blog with a little of this and that on this Friday, with no specific theme.

I’ve caught my fourth cold in the last three months, which is unbelievable. I usually get one or two a year. I am in day four of this cold, and although it is not fun, it is better than a lot of the alternatives. I am popping the Zicam, and hoping this will knock it out quickly.

My fund raising for the Komen 3-Day walk is off to a great start. I have not started a general email campaign yet, but have sent a note out to a limited set of people, and they have generously donated over $2,000. I plan on starting my general email campaign this week, which marks nine years since I found out I had a very big problem – a large thoracic mass that turned out to be Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The 3-Day event is about 22 weeks away. I have been walking a lot each day. In general, I should be walking three to four miles several days a week, and I have been doing this or even exceeding it a bit. So far so good – my surgically repaired left foot (neuroma removed three months) seems to be holding up well. It is a little sore, and has a large numb area. The latter is something I will likely always have, although my brain will probably gradually learn to ignore this in time. I will try to mix in some hikes as part of this exercise. A couple of weeks ago, I walked more than six miles in the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. This past Sunday, I walked five miles along an old railroad track through the mountains of upstate New York.

Even though I have decided not to do Team in Training in 2011 to focus on the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, I am still involved in TNT. I helped at an informational meeting Wednesday night for the upcoming Fall season. It was poorly attended, which is too bad, but the four people who came all seemed fairly interested. I hope that Richmond can recruit a big team for the fall, because they have some great events going!

Happy Easter on this Good Friday!

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