Sunday, May 22, 2011

My New Training "Regimen"

With the Komen 3-Day exactly four months from tomorrow, I should be doing lots and lots of walking right now - up to about eight miles at a time. But with the plantar fasciitis, that is not happening. Instead, my training is focused on the following:

1. Runner's stretch - up to three or four times a day to stretch my calves. My left calf has been especially tight, and that is the side that the injury is on.

2. Straight leg stretch with a towel - wrapping a towel around one foot and pulling back on it while sitting with my leg straight out on the floor. I don't like this stretch and find it kind of painful behind my knees, a sure sign that I am too tight.

3. Heel drop - standing on a step with my forefeet, I drop my heels slowly down as far as possible to get the stretch and put stress on the muscles while they lengthen, then pull up with my feet to make them level, 15 reps for three sets, twice a day. This is a good strengthening and stretching exercise.

4. Ball roll - roll a ball under my foot, especially the arch.

5. Toe scrunch - use my toes to scrunch up a towel on the floor. Except in my case, it is more like use my toes to fruitlessly move against a towel. If there were a toe scrunching championship competition, I would finish dead last. I have had at least 3 or 4 other people show me how to scrunch my towel effortlessly, and I just can't do it - I don't have the requisite flexibility in my toes. So I will keep at it.

When I get more time, I can add in eliptical and pool work, and even stationary bike, but life seems too hectic for that right now. But I know if I can't walk soon, I must add that all in.

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